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Gallery show in Edmonds May 17, 2012

I am doing a Gallery show at the Edmonds Windermere office ( 210 5th Ave. S., Edmonds) this evening (May 17, 2012).  Please stop by and say hello!


17 May 2012

It has been too long

Life has been busy and photography and this blog have not been a priority.  I will get back to it soon enough, but in the mean time, please enjoy what is here!

14 May 2012

New Images added today

I added several new images to the Lions gallery this evening.  I also added a new image, taken today from Lake Sammamish.  Enjoy!

16 Jan 2012

Red Rock Canyon Gallery Posted

I posted a new Gallery from a trip I took recently to Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.  Great site, I will go back.  I wasn’t planning on shooting on this trip, so I only had an Olympus VR-330 point and shoot with me, the subject was so great, even that was enough to get some great shots!

31 Dec 2011

Tatsinshini River Gallery Added

I added a new gallery from my trip on the Tatsinshini last year.  An amazing trip.

30 Dec 2011

Font is funky…need to resolve

I think I have picked a font that is not available on all computes, so on my Mac, it looks like…well, you get it.  I will be trying to resolve this soon.  Meanwhile, check out the great pics, an ignore the bad font (if you see the cool, flowing font, then ignore this post).

21 Dec 2011

Lake Sammamish Gallery added

It has been awhile since I have added a new gallery, so I took some time today.  Check it out!

19 Dec 2011

New Amazon Hosted version of my site

This is an Amazon Web Services hosted version of my Blog.  It is running on a Bitnami Windows/Wordpress image.

12 May 2011

Brazil Gallery

I posted a new gallery today under Destinations.  This was a trip that my daughter and I did with my close friend Art Wolfe and some other horse lovers.  It was a really wonderful trip that combined some wonderful photography with horses, culture and architecture.  Overall a very good trip.

Brazil Gallery

5 May 2011

Feel like it is almost ready…

I have been working on this update to my site for several months now.  A little here and a little there.  I finally feel like the bones are right.  Now I just need to fill in the content.  The whole reason for doing this update was to make that easier, I guess I am going to find out if it worked.


3 May 2011