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Red Rock Canyon Gallery Posted

I posted a new Gallery from a trip I took recently to Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.  Great site, I will go back.  I wasn’t planning on shooting on this trip, so I only had an Olympus VR-330 point and shoot with me, the subject was so great, even that was enough to get some great shots!

31 Dec 2011

Tatsinshini River Gallery Added

I added a new gallery from my trip on the Tatsinshini last year.  An amazing trip.

30 Dec 2011

Font is funky…need to resolve

I think I have picked a font that is not available on all computes, so on my Mac, it looks like…well, you get it.  I will be trying to resolve this soon.  Meanwhile, check out the great pics, an ignore the bad font (if you see the cool, flowing font, then ignore this post).

21 Dec 2011

Lake Sammamish Gallery added

It has been awhile since I have added a new gallery, so I took some time today.  Check it out!

19 Dec 2011