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New Amazon Hosted version of my site

This is an Amazon Web Services hosted version of my Blog.  It is running on a Bitnami Windows/Wordpress image.

12 May 2011

Brazil Gallery

I posted a new gallery today under Destinations.  This was a trip that my daughter and I did with my close friend Art Wolfe and some other horse lovers.  It was a really wonderful trip that combined some wonderful photography with horses, culture and architecture.  Overall a very good trip.

Brazil Gallery

5 May 2011

Feel like it is almost ready…

I have been working on this update to my site for several months now.  A little here and a little there.  I finally feel like the bones are right.  Now I just need to fill in the content.  The whole reason for doing this update was to make that easier, I guess I am going to find out if it worked.


3 May 2011